Monday, September 26, 2011

drug dosing

Determining the best dose and timing of ADHD drugs requires work.  I think the primary appeal of drugs like Concerta is that they simply it.  For myself though, I find Concerta lacking.  In adults taking Concerta, blood levels typically drop to half of the peak 9.6 hours after taking it.  So when you take it at 6:30am, the effect is disappearing around 4pm.  I want the benefit of medication from the morning as I get my kids ready for school, through the day, and the evening until my kids are in bed.

To figure out my desired dosing, I downloaded the product monograph for APO 20mg methylphenidate-SR from Health Canada.  Using the monograph, I estimated the hourly blood levels and recorded them in a spreadsheet.  With that I was able to calculate and graph the levels obtained for different drug dose timings.

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