Monday, September 19, 2011

drug costs

There is a wide range in price between different ADHD drugs, and even in the price for the same drug from different pharmacies.  Here are some examples:
Concerta 54mg, 30 tablets: 123.90 at Superstore pharmacy vs. $111.32 at Costco
The manufacturer is distributing co-pay benefit cards through doctors and pharmacies which covers the difference in cost between Concerta and the generic version.  For the Superstore, this difference was $36.56, bringing the price down to $87.34.
MPH-SR(generic Ritalin-SR) 20mg, 90 tablets: 37.39 at Superstore pharmacy vs. 26.42 at Costco.

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  1. I forgot to add that at <$30/mth for MPH-SR I may actually save money. I used to get drowsy most afternoons and needed coffee to perk me up. Since starting the meds I don't get drowsy any more, and I drink less coffee. The meds also suppress appetite, so I may save a bit on food and loose a bit of weight too!